Dental Crowns

Do you have a chipped or cracked tooth? Perhaps you have discoloured teeth? Do you want to improve your smile in a matter of hours? Well, now this is possible with our revolutionary CEREC® ceramic crowns!

Advancements in the appearance and strength of ceramic crowns have made them the leading choice in restoring damaged teeth to their former glory. A tooth damaged by decay, grinding, or fractures is more likely to break from the pressure of daily use. Luckily, a ceramic crown strengthens a tooth by providing complete coverage and protection.

Benefits of crowns

When you receive a dental crown, you will notice it greatly improves the condition of your tooth by:

  • Restoring structural integrity after tooth structure is lost
  • Relieving pain from any damage or fractures
  • Restoring form and function
  • Improving the appearance of your smile
  • Preventing further fractures and decay

Why choose ceramic crowns?

Ceramic crowns blend in with the natural colour of your tooth, making it less visible than porcelain crowns. Since they are metal-free, ceramic crowns are also an excellent option for people with metal allergies.

Dental Crowns Durban

First Appointment

Yes, it is completely true – you can have your final crown complete in a day. To get started, we will prepare your tooth by removing decay and old filling material to leave a blank canvas. Our team will then use CEREC® technology to scan your tooth and create a digital 3D model which they use to start the design process.
At this time, you are welcome to relax and watch a movie on Netflix, while you enjoy some of our other amenities, including plush blankets, dreamy neck pillows, new earphones, relaxing essential oils, and soft lighting. We've curated these facilities to offer you a comfortable, luxurious experience.
When we place the crown, we use a revolutionary bonding system to fit your final crown in just a few short minutes.

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