Full-rehabilitation treatments

Are you tired of painful, fractured or chipped teeth? Do you long for that Hollywood smile? It may be time to book a full mouth rehabilitation!

A full mouth reconstruction, or rehabilitation, is a process which addresses all of the structures and function in the mouth, to give you the best possible smile.

The process consists of a selection of treatments and procedures, which work together to address your jaw alignment, gaps, chips, cracks and any other issues you may have.

Some of the treatments we may recommend as part of your full-mouth rehabilitation include:

  • Orthodontics - to address your bite and tooth alignment
  • Veneers - to treat discolouration, chips, uniformity and cracks.
  • Implants - to treat missing teeth.
  • Cosmetic bonding - to address uniformity, chips and tooth lengths.
  • Periodontics - to address issues with the gums.
Rehabilitation Dentistry Durban

First Appointment

The first step is a comprehensive oral evaluation. During your initial consultation, Dr Nikhael Tularam, our extensively trained Dentist, will listen to your concerns, examine your teeth, gums, and oral structures, and develop a personalised treatment plan. Dr Tularam may need to take X-rays, impressions and models of your teeth and gums.

Additional appointments

Additional appointments will be made with your schedule and needs in mind. We are able to deliver a quality product within 6 weeks, but we advise an extended treatment time of 3 to 6 months. The longer treatment time allows your body to adapt to your new prosthesis, which results in a product that fits better. During the first phase of treatment, we focus on removing unhealthy elements and eliminating infections. The second phase of treatment restores the foundation by using implants and may be combined with phase one. Both these phases involve surgery, which can be done under local or general anaesthesia. We prefer chair-side conscious sedation by an anaesthetist. This gives you the comfort being treated in our rooms while you enjoy a restful sleep under the watchful eye of our anaesthetist.

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