A new perspective on Dentistry

Redefine Dental is a group of dental practices in Durban.

Our primary objective is to give our patients the best possible dental experience while achieving the best possible results.

From the moment you set foot in our practice, your comfort becomes our sole focus. Our entire practice has been designed to provide you with an elevated dental experience - no harsh lights, loud noises or medicinal aromas.

A Comfort-Focused Approach to Dentistry

We've designed everything from the decor to the entertainment to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Plush blankets, dreamy neck pillows, new earphones, relaxing essential oils, soft lighting and Netflix on-demand - these are just a few of the amenities we've curated to offer you a comfortable, luxurious experience. We want our practice to become a place of solace for anyone visiting.

Our patient-centred focus doesn't end there. Every practitioner at Redefine Dental has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our practitioners are highly trained, attentive, engaging and detail-oriented - a combination of skills which offers patients accurate diagnosis, carefully tailored strategies, precision treatments and spectacular outcomes.

If you're looking for a truly patient-centred dental practice - a practice that focuses on your overall comfort, health and wellness, while practising advanced, precision dentistry with a highly skilled and experienced team - contact Redefine Dental today. Dentistry is evolving - and we're breaking the mould.

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There is a fee of R1000 for any emergency after hours