Slow Dentistry

Slow Dentistry is an innovative approach to Dentistry, which aims to raise the standard of care throughout the industry. As Slow Dentistry practitioners, we're committed to giving our patients the highest level of care possible.

To this end, we strictly adhere to the protocols and practices which ensure patients safety. These include:

  • Hygienic dentistry: We routinely disinfect the entire practice to avoid cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria, following global hygiene and safety standards.
  • Pain Prevention: As a technologically driven practice, we turn to advanced technologies to provide a pain-free dental experience. We make use of the WAND- a digital tool which administers pain-free injections.
  • Informed patient consent: The health and safety of our patients are our top priority. During the consultation process, we thoroughly explain all treatments and procedures to our patients - ensuring that they are making informed decisions regarding their health. We also draw up specific consent forms so we can be sure you are aware of any potential risks and complications.
  • Slower dentistry: We have strict hygiene and safety protocols at Redefine Dental. We take additional time to ensure that we perform every treatment to the highest possible standard and that every patient experiences the same stellar level of care.

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