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Do you have discolouration on your teeth? Perhaps you are addicted to coffee, or you thoroughly enjoy red wine. Maybe smoking has left you with unsightly stains on your teeth. Not to worry - our teeth whitening procedure is a fast, simple and easy way to get the dazzling smile you've always wanted!


Our procedures are affordable, safe, and produce spectacular results. Teeth whitening treatment allows us to quickly and effectively remove stains and discolouration, leaving you with a white, bright smile.

We've spent years researching and trialling new technologies and methods to enhance the smile, developing effective, proven treatments which whiten and brighten the smile with dazzling results. We have tried and tested solutions for both in-office and at-home whitening.


At Redefine Dental, we pride ourselves on working with products and technology that reflect our values in healthcare. The renowned Philips ZOOM! Teeth Whitening method is one of the most advanced techniques for creating beautiful, bright smiles and our top choice for all our teeth whitening procedures.

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening uses high-quality hydrogen peroxide gel combined with the ZOOM! Whitespead LED light to break down discolouration molecules in the teeth and promote a whiter, brighter smile. With this method, your teeth can be lightened by up to 8 shades in just one session.


The scientifically advanced ZOOM! in-office teeth whitening procedure uses the latest teeth whitening technology to provide you with a smile brighter than ever before. During the procedure, we will walk you through the process and ensure you are as comfortable as possible. You can rest assured that our in-office method is quick, safe and painless.

The oral hygienist will dry your teeth and apply a protective gel to your gums before inserting the whitening trays already lined with 25% hydrogen peroxide. Then, we use the Whitespead LED light to accelerate the whitening process in four 15-minute intervals. Results are immediate and long-lasting.


A less expensive option than the in-office option is the at-home whitening treatment, which you can perform in the comfort of your own home. The at-home system is surprisingly effective, although results are only visible in 7-10 days. For the best results, the at-home treatment should follow an in-office whitening procedure.

Before receiving your kit, our oral hygienist will give you a full breakdown and demonstration of the kit so that you know exactly what to expect at home.

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