tmj & bruxism

Do you have neck and shoulder stiffness, chronic headaches, ringing in the ears or dizziness? You may be clenching or grinding your teeth at night.

Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) acts like a sliding hinge- you have one on each side of your face, and they connect your jawbone to your skull. When these joints don't function correctly, you experience unexplainable headaches, clicking and popping sounds, locking of the jaw and ringing in your ears—symptoms which could drastically affect your quality of life. Thankfully, we have a multi-disciplined team available to help you regain function and alleviate these symptoms.

TMJ Bruxism

First Appointment

During your first appointment, Dr Nikhael Turalam and his team will thoroughly examine your TMJ, jaw, face, mouth and bite. We will determine the source and cause of your discomfort and create a customized treatment solution that will work for you. The team will also review your medical and dental history. After your assessment, an impression of your teeth may be taken and sent to our laboratory technician to create a durable mouthguard that should last for many years.

Second Appointment

At the second appointment, we will have your new oral appliance ready for you. We will fit the oral device and check whether it performs the necessary functions. In addition, we will provide instructions on how to clean it, how to place the appliance, and how to take it out.

TMJ Treatment Options

After a thorough assessment, our team will be able to determine the best treatment option for your unique case. As a technologically inclined practice, we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art equipment, which helps us treat you more safely, effectively and efficiently.

In most cases, the discomfort and pain associated with TMJ disorders are temporary and can be relieved with nonsurgical treatments, such as:
Splints and bite plates: We create splints/night guards specially designed to protect your teeth from clenching and grinding.
Functional appliances: These effectively reposition the lower jaw.

If you experience chronic headaches, neck and shoulder stiffness, ringing in the ears, or even dizziness, contact the team at Redefine Dental. We can help to relieve these symptoms and restore optimum function, vastly improving your quality of life.

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